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Looking for a place offering traditionally cooked barbacoa tacos? Want to have the same traditional and silky taste of slowly cooked barbacoa on fresh tacos? Welcome to Taqueria Olmeca.

If you are a Mexican food lover than you must have heard about barbacoa before also but the barbacoa you will find in US and other places is not the one that has been traditionally prepared. Now, many restaurants use beef and other type of meat to prepare barbacoa but, talking about the traditional and authentic food, barbavcopa is not prepared with just any kind of meat. Like many if Mexican dishes, barbacoa requires significant amount of time and efforts to have that silky smooth texture of meat. The meat used in original barbacoa comes from the marinated heads of cow or lamb and is cooking in an underground built over for several hours. The meat is pulled and filled in taco with other filling including tomatoes, cilantro, and green onions. The people that have tasted it know about the silky and tender texture of meat and many of them carve to have the same taste again.

Taqueria Olmeca’s chefs are well versed with the Mexican style cooking dishes with all of its flavours and have years of experience of cocking classic Mexican dishes with all of its flavours and authenticity. We know that finding real Mexican food is not easy and therefore, we have made it one of our operations to bring authentic Mexican food and barbacoa tacos in Ruskin, FL. All of the tacos will have tender and rich meat and salad stuffing that has your favourite taste, taco stuffing topped with hot sauce is sure to leave you craving for more. With great food, we have created relaxed and casual environment and have trained our staff to be the same way with you, we know that you want to enjoy food and providing excellent surrounding with fantastic food is a great way to it.

We have been here for quite some time now and people know us as an excellent source of classic and fantastic Mexican food that is rich in flavour and wholesome in nutrients.

If you want to have great fusion Mexican cuisine in Ruskin, FL then plan a visit to Taqueria Olmeca.

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