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If you are a great fan of fried rice burritos but want to have then in an original authentic style then Taqueria Olmeca is the right place for you. Hosting a party and thinking to have Mexican food in it? We are well prepared to offer and provide the best contemporary and authentic Mexican food and fried rice burritos in Ruskin, FL to give you the best food experience.

Burritos is one of the traditional dishes of Mexico and people love to have them with different kinds of stuffing, no matter o you want to stuff it with chicken, beef or fried rice, burritos are always one of the best choices when it comes to Mexican food. Like tacos, burritos are also loosely considered as a core Mexican street food and why not, it is easy to handle and you can have them on the go or elaborately with complete salad preparations. Taqueria Olmeca prepares the best fried rice burritos with fresh ingredients like meat, vegetables, rice and spices, unlike many restaurants, we do not use store bought frozen vegetables and spices. We prepare them here at our place and make sure that they are prepared with great care.

Taqueria Olmeca’s chefs are professional and hone Mexican cooks that know the traditional way of making Mexican cuisine as well the contemporary ways of preparing unique classic Mexican dishes. No matter if it’s your lunch or dinner, fried rice burritos is a great choice and when it is prepared by one of the  best Mexican restaurants in Ruskin, FL, then they are sure to be equally healthy also. We offer the best dining style and the burritos with different flavour mashups and taco combos, we believe that good environment is essential for great dig experience and we work hard to make the environment as cosy and welcoming as possible.

We prepare fried rice burritos home style and make sure that you have the same taste of your grandmother’s hand at our Mexican food restaurant.

Get delicious fried rice burritos and beef tacos in Ruskin, FL, at Taqueria Olmeca today!

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