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Are you a taco lover and want to have authentic and tasteful tacos with your friends and family? Do you want to relive the traditional Mexican culture with this traditional food? Welcome to Taqueria Olmeca.

Unlike many other Mexican food, tacos do not have a long dating back history, many historians believe that tacos, which are now considered as the staple food of Mexico, did not have elite origins at all. Traditionally, taco was introduced by the working class of Mexico and literally, taco is just a paper wrapped around gun powder that the miners used for explosion purposes. It was, for quite a significant time. Considered as the food fit for working class only and many women brought it to the Mexico City to earn income for their families. Taco is one of the traditional foods of Mexico and now, no mentioning of Mexican food is complete without tacos.

We work to live up to our name, ‘taqueria’ mean a ‘taco shop’ and we work hard and tirelessly to provide the best tacos in town. Though the original tacos are significantly different from the one now found, the ingredients and method of cooking largely differs from the traditional one. We, at Taqueria Olmeca, offer and provide both authentic traditionally cooked and fusion tacos to indulge your taste buds in more than one ways. We use fresh ingredients, vegetables spices and fresh grilled steak for the taco filling, tortas you will find here is not found at any other place. We are the best taco truck in Ruskin, FL.

We are the reputable and professional ‘taco shop’ in Ruskin, AL and we are here to serve and indulge you with delicious, flavourful and rich Mexican food and Tex-Mex.

If you want to come across a traditional mobile taco station in Ruskin, FL offering contemporary and authentic tacos then Taqueria Olmeca is the place to be.

We are out to give you the best taco and Mexican food experience in Ruskin, FL.

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